THinc is a company of regulatory affairs, medical writing, and submission services professionals with a proven track record of success in the pharmaceutical industry. THinc was established as a privately held consulting firm in 1995 to expedite the development and approval of new medicines. Our clientele range from emerging, privately held biopharmaceutical companies to Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies.

Our Vision and Values

THinc strives to meet the highest standards of professional performance, and we are committed to continuously improving the services that we provide to our clients. By offering a collaborative, team-oriented approach, we are positioned to understand our clients' requirements and expectations. Our goal is to deliver exceptional value in all we do. Our corporate culture is driven by THinc RULES: Respect, Understanding, Leadership, Ethics, and Support.

  • Respect: Showing courtesy and consideration to our clients
  • Understanding: Seeking first to understand, then take action
  • Leadership: Leading by example, embracing challenges, and forging paths to solutions
  • Ethics: Maintaining personal integrity and acting on principle
  • Support: Offering help and encouragement to others